These cute felt boxes require some very simple sewing and are easy to make--perfect for your first felting project! The roving comes with four rich colors to choose from to create the stripes, and you can cut the grey felt sheet to make a tall and skinny box or a wide and short one. I think they look great as little planters, but can also be used as catch-alls in your entryway or as organization in your craft room or office.

Time Needed 
1 to 2 hours
Skill Level 

Step-by-Step Tutorial Read

  • Project Yield 
    2 boxes
  • Time Needed 
    1 to 2 hours
  • Skill Level 
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    Gather your materials.
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    Cut a 4-inch square out of each corner of your felt sheet so that it resembles a plus sign. The center of the felt will be the bottom of the box, and the edges will fold up to become the sides.
  3. Image or video 
    Tear off a few strands of each color of roving and lay them down in stripes along the side pieces. Use your felting tool to felt the roving into your sheet.
  4. Image or video 
    Cut off the excess with a pair of scissors, and repeat on all four sides.
  5. Image or video 
    Turn your felt over and trim off the little tufts of roving that poke through.
  6. Image or video 
    Fold the sides up and, with the right-sides facing outward, use a sewing machine to bind each side to its neighbor.
  7. Image or video 
    Once the sides are all sewn, you’re done! To make your second box wider and shorter, start by cutting 3-inch squares out of each corner instead of 4-inch ones.

Striped Felt Boxes

Kit Yield 
2 boxes
What's Included
Feltworks Flat Felt Rolls 12inX12in (22 Colors Available)
Wool Roving Stripe 12in 1/4 Ounce
General Purpose Cotton Thread 225 Yards

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