I’ve been wanting to get started with leather-working for a while now, and I finally decided to take the plunge with this stitched belt project. It wasn’t nearly as tricky as I’d imagined, and now I have a great belt that I get compliments on all time! I found that the secret lies in having the right tools. With the leather needle and scissors it came together quickly, and I’m excited to try more leather working in the future.

Time Needed 
2 to 3 hours
Skill Level 

Step-by-Step Tutorial Read

  • Project Yield 
    1 belt
  • Time Needed 
    2 to 3 hours
  • Skill Level 
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    Gather your materials.
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    Cut the leather into two inch by one inch rectangles. I cut about 35 pieces for my belt. If you’d like a belt with a longer tail, cut about five or ten additional pieces. Then trim your rectangles into petal shapes. To make a smooth curve, start from the middle of the short edge and cut a curved line that arcs over to the middle of the other edge. Then do the same on the other side.
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    Set up your sewing machine with a leather needle. Begin sewing down the middle of a petal. When you’ve sew about two-thirds of the way down the petal, place another petal on top. Continue sewing to stitch the two petals together. Repeat until your belt is the length you need.
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    When you are happy with the length of your belt, use a hand needle to weave the thread ends into the stitches behind the petal.
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    If you decide to tie your belt around your waist, then your belt is finished. If you want to add a snap, fit the belt around your waist to figure out where to place the snap. Hand-stitch the snap onto the belt.
  6. Image or video 
    One side of the snap will be visible when you wear the belt, so if you’re concerned about the stitches showing, make shallow stitches that don’t go all the way through the leather. You can add a drop of glue to make sure it doesn’t pop off.
  7. Image or video 
    Your belt is done—snap it, tie it, or tuck it to create different looks!

Stitched Leather Belt

Kit Yield 
1 belt
What's Included
Deertan Trim Piece 9inX3in
Nickel Sew-On Snaps
Hand Quilting Cotton Thread 350 Yards

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