Take some of the edge off...or keep it on with this cool saw clutch that’s sure to start conversations and attract attention. A handmade touch with neat texture and detail, this clutch is perfect for a night out with friends or coworkers. Paired with some denim, plaid, leather, or a combination of woodsy attire, this clutch really puts the finishing touch on the lumberjack look. Simply throw in your cellphone, keys, lip gloss, a couple cards, and you’re ready to go!

Time Needed 
2 to 3 hours
Skill Level 

Step-by-Step Tutorial Read

Saw Clutch Template PDF
  • Project Yield 
    1 clutch
  • Time Needed 
    2 to 3 hours
  • Skill Level 
  1. Image or video 
    Gather your materials.
  2. Image or video 
    Download and cut out the template provided. Cut two 2 x 8.5 in. strips and two saw handle pieces out of the tooling leather. Make sure that you flip the handle template over when you trace it the second time in order to get a mirrored effect for the clutch handle.
  3. Image or video 
    Next, cut out the saw shape out of the black leather trim.
  4. Image or video 
    Use the walnut stain to paint the handles.
  5. Image or video 
    Use a ruler and pen (I used a disappearing ink pen) to space out the stitching holes on the strips of leather evenly. Afterward, fold the beige leather piece in half and place one of the strips about half an inch over the top of one of the beige leather ends. Use the holes in the leather strip as a guide to poke aligning holes through the beige leather piece.
  6. Image or video 
    Lay down one of the saw handles so the base is flush with the leather strip. Trace the inside of the handle along the strip and cut it out. Do the same for the other side, making sure the saw handles are aligned and mirrored to one another.
  7. Image or video 
    Attach the tooling leather to the suede leather by using a back stitch with the embroidery floss.
  8. Image or video 
    Attach the saw handle by using the awl to poke through the same holes as the leather strip. Feel free to change embroidery flosses the way I did, or keep the same color going. I find that changing colors gives the saw handle more detail. Use a running stitch to connect the saw handle to the rest of the tooling leather and to give it an outline. Repeat this process with the other side.
  9. Image or video 
    Use the awl, ruler, and pen once again to evenly space out the holes for the stitches on the suede leather on both sides. Afterward, use a back stitch to close the suede on both sides.
  10. Image or video 
    Lastly, use tacky glue to attach the black leather saw trim beneath the handle. The trim was a tad bit long, so rather than cutting it off, I glued the remainder around the backside of the clutch.
  11. Image or video 
    Show off your new edgy piece on your next outing!

Saw Clutch

Kit Yield 
1 clutch
What's Included
Tooling Leather 8.5inX11in
Suede Trim Piece 8.5inX11in
Deertan Trim Piece 9inX3in
Folk Art Wood Stain 2oz
Sew Easy Solid 6-Strand Floss 8.7yd 3/Pkg
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

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