When I saw these pretty beads, I knew they were just begging to be turned into a faux-coral necklace! Making the beaded strands is easy to do with the right gauge of wire; just thick enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to run through the beads multiple times. Creating the coral branches is a lot of fun, and I like that the project is open to making as large or small a necklace as you like. Just add more coral strands to take it from everyday wear to a statement piece.

Time Needed 
30 to 60 min
Skill Level 

Step-by-Step Tutorial Read

  • Project Yield 
    3 necklaces
  • Time Needed 
    30 to 60 min
  • Skill Level 
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    Gather your materials.
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    Start with a length of wire about 8 to 10 inches long. String on seven small coral beads, and position them a few inches from one end of the wire. Take that short end of the wire and run it back through all of the beads except the first one. This will create a stopper bead on the end to keep the rest in place.
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    Bend the wire to make a "v" with the first set of beads. String on 7 more beads, then run the wire back through them as before. Now you have two branches, and your wire is back in position to keep building the main stem of the coral. Note that the next beads will be strung on over both the main length of wire and the tail left over from the first branch. This will secure the tail inside the beads, so you won't need to twist it off or trim the end.
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    Add 7 or 8 more beads to create the main stem, then add more branches as in the previous steps. When the strand is the size you want, run the wire back through beads on the main stem. At the second-to-last bead on the stem, clip the excess wire with the wire cutters.
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    Create as many coral strands as you want for your necklace. It looks best to vary the sizes and shapes of the strands.
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    Cut a 6-inch length of wire and create a secure loop at one end by wrapping the wire around itself. Then string on three larger beads to hide the twisted section.
  7. Image or video 
    Add 2 small beads, then string the wire through the top bead of a coral strand. Continue alternating between adding coral pieces and 2 beads.
  8. Image or video 
    Finish by stringing on 3 larger beads to match the beginning of the necklace. Create a loop on the end with the round nose pliers. Run the wire back through the beads to secure it, then clip off the excess.
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    To make the necklace, cut two 11-inch lengths of chain.
  10. Image or video 
    Link the chains to each other with jump rings and a clasp. Then use two more jump rings to attach the chain to the coral strands. Your necklace is ready to wear!

Coral Strand Necklace

Kit Yield 
3 necklaces
What's Included
Jewelry Basics Glass Seed Bead Mix 90g
28 Gauge 35yd/Pkg
Blue Moon Fine Cable Chain 100in 1/Pkg
Jewelry Basics Metal Findings 300/Pkg
Blue Moon Small Lobster Clasp W/Tag 18/Pkg

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