Wood Burned Chalkboards

I loved creating up my own tribal-inspired designs for these chalkboard frames, and wood burning is such a fun technique to learn. The thin, straight tip of the wood burning tool is perfect for this project because it makes it easy to create graphic lines. I think these patterned chalkboards would be great as signs for a party, perhaps used for directing guests where to go or labeling food at the buffet table. Plus, once the event is over, you can continue to use them around the house!

Project Yield 
2 chalkboards

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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    Gather your materials.
  2. Image or video 
    Begin by sketching out your pattern on the wood frame. I created my pattern free-hand, but you could measure if you like. Zig-zag lines are easy to do and look great when filled in with the wood stain.
  3. Image or video 
    Use the wood burning tool to go over the design. Use the tool like a pen to create lines, and use the flat sides of the tip to fill in larger areas.
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    When you're happy with the design, you can go back through with an eraser to clean up any stray pencil marks.
  5. Image or video 
    Use a thin foam brush and wood stain to fill in the design. To get a shade that is in between the light wood color and the dark wood burning, I diluted the stain with water. Try it out on a piece of scrap would to get the color you like before applying to the frame.
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    Add the final details to your design with a gold sharpie. The metallic gold shows up best against the burned sections of the pattern.
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