Rolling Pin Stamped Wrapping Paper

I’m trying to reduce waste with our gift-wrapping this year, so I’ve been on the look-out for fun ways to decorate plain brown paper. This rolling pin technique is so fun to do, and the finished paper looks great and is completely recyclable.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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    Before you get started, make sure to cover your rolling pin with paper, even if you only use the rolling pin for craft projects. I skipped this step, and regretted it when it came time to clean my rolling pin! Just cut off a piece of the roll of paper you’re using for the wrapping and tape it securely to the rolling pin. Then cut whatever shapes you like out of the sticky-back craft foam.
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    I thought the little white Christmas trees were cute and easy to cut, but this technique is great for abstract patterns as well. (Regular craft foam will work too, you’ll just need to use a spray adhesive to stick it to the rolling pin.) Then stick your shapes onto the rolling pin.
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    Now you’re ready for the ink. Water-soluble block printing ink makes very nice stamps and is easy to clean up. I used a sheet of acrylic to spread out the ink, but I suspect an old cookie sheet or other smooth, flat surface would work just as well. (You can pick up a sheet of acrylic for cheap at a home improvement store.) Squeeze a big blob of the ink onto the sheet of acrylic sheet and spread it with a paintbrush or a brayer. You want a nice thin layer big enough coat the whole rolling pin.
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    Then roll the rolling pin over the ink. You may need to go back and forth a few times to get all of the foam shapes coated with ink.
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    Tape the paper you’re stamping down to the table so it doesn’t shift. Then slowly roll the inked rolling pin over the paper. You may need to re-ink if you’re covering a large sheet.
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    Let your paper dry completely.
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    Then wrap up your lovely customized gift!

Instructions Summary

  1. Tape some paper onto the rolling pin so the whole surface is covered.
  2. Cut tree shapes out of the craft foam and stick them onto the rolling pin.
  3. Squeeze some block-printing ink onto the acrylic sheet and spread it in a thin layer with a paintbrush or brayer.
  4. Roll the rolling pin over the ink until all of the foam is covered in ink.
  5. Tape a length of paper down to the table. Roll the inked rolling pin over the paper make a pattern. Add more ink if needed.
  6. Let dry, then wrap up your customized gift!