Photo Collage Lamp Shade

I love the look of black and white photos printed on vellum. It looks timeless and romantic, like adding a soft-focus filter. So I decided to try dressing up a plain lampshade with some of my favorite family photos. It was easy to do, and looking at these pictures makes me smile every time I see it.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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    For this project, you definitely want a lampshade with straight sides. Measure the lampshade to figure out how big your photo collage needs to be. For my lamp, I needed 3 sheets of vellum to cover the entire lampshade.
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    Picking the photos is the part of this project that took the longest! It took a few tries to get it to print out nicely. The vellum tended to make the photos look really dark, so I lightened the entire image to balance it out. I learned that it works best to print on the fast setting, since it uses less ink. The ink won’t soak into the vellum like it will in regular paper, so when the sheets come out of the printer leave them to dry for a few minutes before touching.
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    When the prints are dry, trim to the size you need for your lampshade.
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    To attach, just apply hot glue along the top and bottom and stick it down. It’s best to do a little at a time so you can make sure it goes on smoothly.

Instructions Summary

  1. Measure the lampshade, and create a photo collage to fit.
  2. Print the collage out on white vellum, using the speed setting.
  3. Cut the sheets to fit your lampshade.
  4. Attach the sheets to the lampshade with hot glue.