Monogrammed Handkerchief

I love adding monograms because it's an easy way to personalize an otherwise simple gift. This monogrammed handkerchief will be perfect for the guys in your life—for Father’s Day, the holidays, or his birthday! I chose to make the design contemporary, with a simple font and oversized brackets as a flourish. You can arrange the letters in the template to form the monogram you want, choose a set of brackets to fit, and start embroidering!

Project Yield 
2 handkerchiefs

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Monogrammed Handkerchief Template PDF
  1. Image or video 
    Gather your materials and download the template included in the materials list.
  2. Image or video 
    Print out the template and place it under the handkerchief. The material is slightly transparent, so you will be able to arrange the letters of your monogram and trace them with a disappearing ink pen.
  3. Image or video 
    Use an embroidery hoop to keep your work tight, and follow the pen lines with your embroidery floss. I chose to use a simple backstitch to keep the lettering simple.
  4. Image or video 
    Tie off your loose ends, and use an iron to get out any wrinkles from the handkerchief. Now this personalized handkerchief is ready to be given away!
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