DIY Paper Party Hats

DIY party hats are my favorite craft to do at a party. Even non-expert crafters feel confident enough to participate, and the options for decorations are endless. I like to prep some hats ahead of time so people can just dive right into the decorating. You could stick with a color theme for a more uniform look like I did with the gold, or go super-colorful and fun.

Project Yield 
25 hats

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Paper Party Hat Template PDF
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    First, print out the downloadable party hat template. Just use regular printer paper if you’re going to be tracing the template. (If the paper for your hats fits in your printer, you could print the template onto the back and cut it out directly.) For most of my hats I used 12 by 12 scrapbook paper sheets, which I think is a good weight. The paper is quite heavy, so they’re a bit tricky to roll into a cones, but it creates nice sturdy hats that aren’t easily crushed
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    Cut out the shape from the template and trace it onto the back side of the paper you’re using for your hat. Then carefully cut the hat shape out of the paper.
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    Roll your hat into a cone shape. If you’re using lighter weight paper, it’ll work fine to stick the sides with a double-stick tape runner.
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    For heavier paper like I used here, hot glue is the best answer. It works best to start at the top and secure the tip, then work your way down.
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    Punch a hole in each side of the hat. Measure the amount of ribbon or elastic you’ll need to fit the hat comfortably under your chin. Then tie the elastic to the holes.
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    Now for the really fun part – decorating! You can customize the paper by drawing dots or a name on with a metallic paint pen.
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    Mini sparkly pom-poms are the perfect size and light to glue on. I also found some small glitter balls in the holiday decorating section that are perfect for the tops of the hats. The edge can be embellished with metallic tinsel or sticky jewels. An easy embellishment for the sides is punching out circles of a contrasting paper and gluing them on in a polka dot pattern.
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    It’s so fun how each one is unique, and each guest gets to take home their own party hat!

Instructions Summary

  1. Print out the template on printer paper and cut it out.
  2. Trace the template onto the back side of the paper you want to use and cut it out.
  3. Roll into a cone shape and secure the sides with hot glue.
  4. Punch a hole in each side and tie on the ribbon or elastic so it fits under your chin.
  5. Glue on the embellishments.