Crocheted Garland

I love how cute these tiny little yarn skeins are, and the bright colors inspired me to create this whimsical garland. The bows are formed from simple crocheted ribbons with only two rows, so it works up very quickly. The garland makes such a fun party decor piece, but I think these crocheted bows would be perfect for gift-wrapping as well. Just make a slightly longer ribbon, loop around your gift, and you’re done!

Project Yield 
1 long garland or several shorter ones

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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    Gather your materials and pick your colors.
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    Start by making a chain—the length will depend on how long you want the tails on your bows to be. I like how the tails curl, so I made my chain about 20 inches long. That left enough length to create the curls. For a simple bow without long tails, you should make a chain at least four or five inches shorter.
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    When your chain is the length you want, make the second row in single crochet.
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    When you reach the end, tie off the yarn and weave in the tail.
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    Make as many crochet ribbons as you want bows.
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    Pick the color you want for the first bow in the garland. Fold the ribbon into a bow, but don’t tie it, just fold the sides over. Using the same color yarn, tie the bow in the middle to secure. Then wrap around and around to cover the knot.
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    Cut the yarn. Using your crochet hook, pull the end of the yarn under and through the loops you just wrapped around. Pull it through a few more times to secure it. If you want to be extra-sure it won’t unravel, add a little drop of glue. Then trim the tail.
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    To make your second bow, loop the next ribbon through the first bow. Form a bow and secure it as before. Repeat to create the garland.
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    Your garland is complete! It looks adorable on the wall, or hung on the front of a buffet table. It could even be hung as a permanent decoration in a child’s room or playroom.
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