Crocheted Basket Set

This basket pattern is great because it’s such a versatile and sturdy little container. Depending on what your home needs, you can adjust the size and color, and if you’re an experienced crocheter, you can experiment with the stitches to create different textures. I love storing my yarn and needle-work supplies in a few of these darling little baskets.

Project Yield 
2 baskets – one large, one small

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Crocheted Basket Set Pattern PDF
  1. Image or video 
    Download the PDF pattern from the materials list. For these baskets, work with two strands together. This makes the basket nice and stiff so it will hold its shape. Don’t be tempted to go up a hook size – the stitches need to be pretty tight so the sides don’t flop over! Following the pattern, make the base of your basket.
  2. Image or video 
    The last round of the base is done in half-double crochet. To build up the sides of the basket, you single crochet into just the outer loop of each half-double stitch. This will create a little separation from the base and sides.
  3. Image or video 
    To make the handles, all you’re doing is creating a chain and skipping the next few stitches. Since the chain is slightly longer than the stitches you skipped, the handle curves up. In the next round, you make single crochets around the chain (not into the stitches) to give your handle some bulk.
  4. Image or video 
    The large basket pattern is about 8 inches wide, and the small one is just over 5 inches wide, but you can play with the pattern to create any size basket you like!
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