Chalkboard Pop Quiz Clock

What time is it? Quiz time. This chalkboard pop quiz clock is probably one of my favorite back to school projects because first and foremost, I always need to know the time. Secondly, it’s made with chalkboard paint. Lastly--you can change the content to whatever subject matter you need to refresh your memory on most. Switch out the math equations with literary terms, chemical formulas, or the scientific method, the usage of this clock goes a long way with an awesome look and appeal wherever you put it. Hang it above your desk, by your bed, or in your living room so that you can always put yourself to the test.

Project Yield 
1 clock

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Image or video 
    Gather your materials.
  2. Image or video 
    Use a large foam brush to paint the face of your clock with chalkboard paint. Feel free to paint the edges as well. I left the wood on the beveled rim because I thought it provided a nice contrast. Wait 1 hour to paint a second coat.
  3. Image or video 
    Once it has completely dried, decide what you want to put on your clock and where. I used a ruler to help divide the sections evenly.
  4. Image or video 
    Fill in the quarters of the clock first; this will help you even more in terms of designated space for each problem or word.
  5. Image or video 
    Fill in the rest of the clock. Add the clock movement with the instructions provided on the packaging.
  6. Image or video 
    It's pop quiz time.
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