Burlap and Gold Table Runner

The contrast between the burlap and gold is one of my favorite looks. It seems like it shouldn’t work, but somehow it’s a perfect balance between rustic and glitzy. The spray paint technique is simple, and could also be used to make a set of napkins or placemats.

Project Yield 
1 table runner

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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    I love working with burlap because you don’t need to hem it, so it’s an easy no-sew project. Do iron it well to make sure there are no creases, otherwise you’ll get uneven stripes.
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    Find a well-ventilated place to spray paint, either outdoors or in an open garage. You need enough space to spray the table runner without moving. Cover your work surface with paper or plastic. Starting at one end, lay down strips of painter’s tape across the table runner. I created strips about 2 inches wides, but you can make whatever pattern you like. It helps to tape the fabric down as you go so it doesn’t shift around.
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    Spray an even layer of paint over the table runner. Let the paint dry for several hours.
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    When the paint is dry, peel off the strips of tape.
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    Your table runner is ready for your next party!

Instructions Summary

  1. Buy a plain burlap table runner runner, or cut burlap fabric to size. Iron out any wrinkles in the fabric before painting.
  2. Set up an area to paint (outdoors or in a garage). Cover your work surface with paper or plastic.
  3. Spread out the burlap. Lay down strips of painter’s tape to make stripes.
  4. Spray paint over the entire surface, then let dry for several hours.
  5. Let dry for several hours, then peel off the strips of tape.

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